Leaders in Business

We strive to be the best at everything we do

Our Enterprise is compiled of three different Companies. All Three of our busisness are dealt at a high level of competence and all three companies produce the best serivice in the industries of investigation, sales, and consultations.
Warstone Enterprise LLC
a company composed of mainly Veterans, who served their country and some that still serve.
"Of the Troops for the Troops"
Warstone Enterprise LLC
The Enterprise was founded 15 Decembner 2015, with the sole purpose to assist failing companies accomplish their goals, and to provide the Best Investigation in the Industry. The President and Owner is a much accomplished United States Army Veteran who started his career at the age of 18 while working for a manufaturing business as the leader of a team of 15 men. During this time the owner Develop the production quota for the disassembly line on different auto parts. This was the beginning of the development of our techniques to solving problems or productivity increase in a less stressed environment.
After Five years of Manufaturing business, the Owner Join the Uniteded States Active duty Army as a Military Police. He served Five years and accomplished Top prestigious names as the top Drug Suppression Team in the country, the most successful undercover opertative, along with awards for working liaison for foreign lawenforcement communities in South America and Central America. Other positions like security manager for 6 companies, and leading them to success when inspected by the Inspecting Generals office.
The Owner then Join the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and became a sales manager career for the next 15 years. The Owner acomplished the success of becoming Pennsylvania's number 1 salesman, ran the best storefront in the Nation, took his entire sales team to the top of all other companies, and The best division retention manager in the State.