Business Leaders
20 years in the military leading a multitude of soldiers to their success. Securing the Success to many our future prospects.
Leaders in Business
The training and experience is what this Enterprise will use to accomplish our mission.
Top Business Consultants


Recognized by the community for the competence of the Owner and the effectiveness of his style. A real committment to your business, and attention to detail to the real issues.
  1. Business Executives
    With a Masters in Business Mangement and 20 years in Military, with a vast amount of knowledge from all the departments of our three companies.
  2. Business Experts
    Achieved expert status as a military police/investigator/ liaison/ security manager/ Recruiting/ Regional Manger/ and Divisional Manager.
  3. Business Analysis
    Provided data analysis and comprehensive study of an easier way to conduct business to many companies in the military to lead them to success.
  4. Business Projects
    Accomplished a vast majority of projects with positive results and it was all the hard work and competence that we bring to the enterprise and our three companies.